contoh discussion text beserta generic structure nya

contoh discussion text

Contoh discusson text beserta strukturnya - Halo sobat, jumpa lagi di blog teropong pelajar, pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai contoh discussion text. Materi discussion text ini merupakan materi bahasa inggris kelas XII, nah bagi sobat yang mencari referensi serta contoh dari discussion text akan saya sajikan berikut ini.

Sebelum ke contoh, alangkah baiknya kita ingat kembali pengertian dari discussion text. Jadi "discussion text Is the text that is used to present (at least) two points of view about
issue." Maksudnya adalah teks yang digunakan untuk menyajikan suatu pendapat melalui dua sudut pandang yang berbeda mengenai sebuah isu. Sudut pandang yang dimaksud adalah bisa pro (mendukung) dan kontra  (bertentangan).

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Setelah kita mengingat kembali pengertian discussion text mari kita ke contoh sekarang, silahkan simak baik baik contoh discussion text berikut lengkap dengan generic strukturnya.

Discussion text about "GAME"


Game comes from the English
language meaning the game. In
every game there are different rules -
different to start the game that make
the game more varied types. Almost
everyone love to play games either
small children, teenagers and adults,
may only differ from the types of
games he played alone. Game is an
integral part for life.

Argument For

Many people think that playing games can
be used as entertainment while being
stressed, games for kids is an excellent
medium to increase intelligence, brain
development and responsiveness.
Moreover, it can improve concentration and
trained to solve problems accurately and
quickly because in the game there are
conflicts or problems that require us to
complete it accurately and quickly. Games
favored by all ages, from children to adults.

Argument againt

There are also people who think that
playing games can affect a person's life,
by playing games on the computer too
long will damage the eye, and if it can not
control his mind not to continue playing
the game then that person has an
addiction that can not be thinking about
the good things and more important than
just playing games all the time and make
the other activities to be delayed.


So, should we have to divide their time
between playing games and doing
other activities. Other activities in
order to run smoothly and not delayed.
Besides playing games activities also
continue running and does not
interfere with other activities.


Demikianlah pembahasan mengenai contoh discussion text lengkap dengan strukturnya, semoga pembahasan kali ini dapat menambah wawasan dan pengetahuan sobat mengenai discussion text, sekian dan terima kasih semoga bermanfaat.

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